“I would like to explain how very much Peter Wilkins has assisted me in dealing with being HIV positive and in some very devastating events in my life. Thanks to his guidance, I have managed to overcome the physical devastation of a stroke, the loss of my wife due to complications from AIDS, and all that came along with those issues in my life. Peter has been without a doubt a refuge and assistance to me in times when there really was nowhere else to turn, and a haven from all that life was throwing at me.

“Thanks to the counseling provided by Peter, I not only survived what I believe would have proved fatal, but have managed to regain what is for the most part a happy and normal life. I have in the last years managed to regain much of my physical abilities lost due to the stroke and the devastations on my body due to AIDS. I have also gained back much of the mental abilities lost due to the depression from the death of my beloved wife, a devastating stroke, and the onset of ARD (AIDS-Related Dementia).

“I currently am no longer on any medications for depression, and I believe I owe that to the tools I have learned from Peter to handle them without depending on medications from my doctors. Also, I believe Peter has assisted me in showing me that life is what I make of it, and it can be as good or bad as I seek to make it. I have chosen to make it as good and positive as one who is HIV positive with physical and mental limitations can.

“I am deeply indebted to Peter for all he has helped me achieve in the last several years in becoming again a productive, useful individual.” – Anonymous, Red Oak, Texas.

 “Seeking help in therapy with Peter Wilkins was the best decision I have ever made, or perhaps, will ever make for my life. I was apprehensive at first, but my first meeting with Peter brought a sense of relief, and a sense of empowerment that has grown over time within my sessions. Again, the best thing I have done to help me.” – B.H., Royse City, Texas.

“My previous attempts at therapy were all unsuccessful, in that they had no effect in determining the source of my problems or how to deal with them. Working with Peter over the last year has been truly transformational; with his help, for the first time in my life I have an understanding of my past that has enabled me to break free from the insecurities that have hindered me for so long. He has truly made me believe that life, can in fact, get better.” – K.H., Dallas, Texas.

“I started seeing Peter for therapy because I was having what I considered irrational emotional responses to everday things and events. I also had a past of abuse that had me see several therapists before him with varying degrees of success. Peter was the most amazing therapist for me and helped me actually change the way I interacted emotionally with the world around me. I found out through him that I was constantly beating myself up and shaming myself for things that were not my fault. He gave me several homework assignments that forced me into really seeing what I was upset about, because up until that point I thought it was so many different things. Peter dealt with me in a completely sensitive way and I felt totally comfortable talking with him about everything. I really feel that the time I spent in session with him has changed my life and made me better at dealing with all kinds of stress. I have and would recommend his services to anyone.” – K.M., Dallas, Texas.

“Peter’s counseling experience and professional manner have consistently guided me to cope with my daily living issues. I recognize the value in the work I do with him in honestly looking inside myself, taking responsibility for my actions, and calming down to deal with the challenges in my life.” – Anonymous, Dallas, Texas.

“Peter helped to guide me down a path to healthier thinking without labeling, diagnosing, or judgment. Our work enabled me to take control of my own mental and emotional health in a way that will benefit me for the rest of my life. It is a gift for which my gratitude is too immense to truly capture in words so I offer the most sincere ‘thank you.’” – A.P., Dallas, Texas.