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    Peter B. Wilkins graduated with a Master’s degree in social work in December of 1999, and assumed the position of Lead Therapist on the Behavioral Medicine Unit of Garland Community Hospital. He also spent several years working at Timberlawn Mental Health Services, providing individual and group therapy for the adolescent, dual diagnosis, and trauma programs. In addition to his private practice, Peter has provided services to people living with HIV/AIDS at Legacy Counseling Center in Dallas, TX.

    Peter takes an eclectic approach to counseling, but his primary therapeutic intervention is cognitive-behavioral therapy. This approach involves helping the client to become aware of self-defeating thought patterns that maintain feelings of shame and inadequacy, and replacing those thoughts with healthy, positive, and above all, more accurate beliefs. This type of therapeutic approach has been proven highly effective, and it enjoys more
    empirical support for its usefulness than any other therapeutic modality.

    By combining years of education and experience with genuine warmth, compassion, and a healthy sense of humor, Peter has effectively helped hundreds of clients who were experiencing problems in their day-to-day lives. If you are ready to begin the process of taking charge of your life and overcoming whatever obstacles stand in your way, then the time is now to get the help you need to reach your goals.